Thursday, July 14, 2011


New Eiffel Technology Community

Thomas Beale posted the results of the Eiffel Technology workshop, an attempt to revive interest in Eiffel.

Unfortunately I couldn't attend, but my initial question to the mailing list captured my reservations: what's the itch?

People having as a goal to do X, instead of solving an actual problem, won't have the motivation and the time to continue. So such projects won't achieve much. What it could achieve would be to create a set "how do I X in Eiffel?" I.e. how do I open a file in Eiffel series. In a wiki style, or perhaps better stackoverflow style these days. Or maybe use stackoverflow, they have the infrastructure. Just answer your own question!

I myself have largely given up on the question to promote Eiffel for the sake of Eiffel. I find it uninteresting. I'm doing a lot of Eiffel, there is simply no competitive, current compiled language which covers as many platforms as Eiffel. So I use it.

I'll be returning to these pages soon to start my thoughts on a new Eiffel webplatform. I've worked and done a lot with "ejax", but I'm using only ISE Eiffel and gec now, and secondly there's SCOOP so time to do something different!

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