Thursday, November 15, 2007


The next browser must be written in Eiffel

The browser isn't a stable platform:
Now I fear history may be repeating itself. Yesterday, I had Firefox 2 for linux crash 5 times, and IE7 for XP crash 7 times. The cause? Too many fat Ajax applications. Zimbra, the whole Google bestiary of applications, Yahoo Mail, etc.. These are all long running applications that I keep open for most of the day. Then all of a sudden the Browser is gone and I have to relaunch and login all over again.

Yes, and why isn't it stable? It is extremely hard to write a large scale C++ application.
Take for example memory fragmentation. How do you solve that? Add another layer of manual memory management? Things like that are simply not an issue with ISE Eiffel because it has a moving garbage collector, so the heap is continually compacted.

And yes, VCs email me if you think a stable browser is a market :-)

Sunday, November 11, 2007


End of the road for EiffelZone

I've put up a banner on every page at mentioning that the site is no longer maintained.

I set up EiffelZone as a resource for the Eiffel community, but there isn't really an Eiffel community anymore. Instead, there are two communities - the insular EiffelStudio community and the vestigial SmartEiffel community.

The days of libraries and applications being usable with both SmartEiffel and EiffelStudio are pretty-much over, so there's not much use anymore for the Eiffel Software Directory. SmartEiffel users can find what they need at and EiffelStudio users can find what they need by starting from

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