Tuesday, April 03, 2007


ACM Award for Bertrand Meyer

The ACM reports that:
Bertrand Meyer is Recipient of Software System Award for Impact on Software Quality ... More than just a programming language, Eiffel is a general method for constructing software systems. It has applications from requirements analysis through design, implementation and maintenance, and is both seamless and reversible. A central feature is the development of a method known as Design by Contract, originated by Dr. Meyer. This approach enables Eiffel to adapt techniques used in proving the correctness of programs to all stages of design and development. It is based on the principles of object technology, of which Dr. Meyer was an early and vocal proponent. In November 2006, Eiffel became a standard of the International Standards Organization (ISO).
A very well deserved recognition. There currently is no compiled language that gives programmers the kind of trust in the software they write that Eiffel gives. And the ease of doing so.


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