Friday, July 22, 2011


The Eiffel Web Server Gateway Interface

Jocelyn Fiat alerted me to the The Eiffel Web Server Gateway Interface framework. This seems to be a useful proposal to write a standard framework for Eiffel apps.

Would like to see some changes, particularly providing less implementation - unless eposix gets adapted :-) - but building upon that would mean it would be much easier to plug in other Eiffel components which know nothing about my FastCGI server implementation.

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Note the main wiki is at

The wiki at Seibo Solution reflects the suggestions from Paul and Daniel.
And it might differ from the current project hosted on github.

Currently this is still work in progress, and the design is likely to change to fit all requirements.
If you are looking for the project, please have a look at
and use the issue tracker to contact the EWF team.
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