Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Quad cores: worth it if you use Eiffel

Compiling with ISE Eiffel is noticeably faster with my quadcore laptop. ISE really uses all cores, very nice. It might be that with 8 cores I hardly will speak of compile time at all.

This reminds me of a meeting of the UK & Ireland Eiffel Interest Group in 1994. At that time, Eiffel was quite widely taught in universities.

Some of the universities were complaining that ISE Eiffel 3 ran too slowly. Ted Lawson of UWCC advised that, if they could afford it, educational users should upgrade their Sun workstations from 16MB to 32MB of RAM. He reported that this made ISE Eiffel compile acceptably fast, even with four or five people compiling on the same box at the same time!
We are using Dell Optiplex 980 machines with Quad Cores and the compile times are decent.
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