Friday, February 08, 2008


CDD Extension for EiffelStudio

The CDD extension for EiffelStudio is an ETH Zurich project which adds support for unit testing to EiffelStudio 6.1. The current status is "beta 2", and it's released for Linux and Windows. Features include:
Two further features are particularly interesting. Testing can be configured to occur in the background, and is described as "undisruptive to the developer". If an unexpected exception is thrown, a new test case is automatically created to reproduce the exception. Features like these can make the difference between a testing system that is useful as opposed to one that is merely usable.

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Hi there,
I'd like to try the cdd extension but all the links given at are dead..
The project seems to be no longer supported, seen as I cannot see news since May'08 ..
anyway I read your article "CDD = TDD - Writing tests cases" and I think it's very interesting..
Is there a way to get the cdd extension?

Thank you,
Hi Matteo,

I'm sorry, I'm not currently using EiffelStudio and I do not have any up-to-date information about this extension. I hope the software is still alive somewhere.

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