Friday, January 04, 2008


Recent version updates

EiffelStudio is now at version 6.1 . Basic elements of the ECMA Eiffel attached type mechanism are supported, as is non-conforming inheritance. ISE describes their non-conforming inheritance as "a first among object-oriented languages", which will surprise many people including those who have been using the corresponding SmartEiffel facility for a year or two, and those who were using the corresponding Sather facility over 15 years ago. Nevertheless it's welcome. (downloads)

By the way, if you are still using the original "agent" syntax of the tilde character, you should change your Eiffel code to use the 'agent' keyword, as your code is going to be broken by a future release of EiffelStudio, where tilde will be used as an operator. ISE offers a tool to help automate this, although if you don't run Windows you're out of luck as it's Windows-only. ISE Eiffel is promoted as being multi-platform, so it would have made more sense to release this as Eiffel source code. At EiffelRoom there's a poll running where you can let the developers know whether you still have code using the old agent syntax.

In November, Eric Bezault released Gobo version 3.7, which supports ISE Eiffel 5.7.64493, and (Classic and .NET), SmartEiffel 1.2r7, and Gobo Eiffel Compiler 3.7. The Gobo tools are now bootstrapped by a C program, rather than by Windows and Linux executables as in previous versions.

Also, Berend de Boer has released version 3.0.1 of eposix, his Eiffel to POSIX binding. This is a minor update, to fix a segmentation fault that affected Windows users of STDC_TIME.to_utc. No other users need to update.

The source code of the tool is freely available for people to recompile for their platform of choice.
Great! Why not post the URL?

The URL which I posted,
is labeled windows-x86 and includes just an exe file. From the search box on that page, I type syntax updater and it doesn't even find that page, let alone any source code version. Neither does a search for syntax updater at return any results.
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