Thursday, May 10, 2007


The Ultimate Eiffel application

A wonderful Eiffel application would be a browser written in Eiffel. I have to restart FireFox at least once a day, it just becomes slower and slower, and consumes more and more memory, and starts to behave erratically at last.

I would be a huge job. You want Firebug of course, JavaScript, CSS, SVG. But if it would be written in ISE Eiffel you can also take advantages of its excellent moving garbage collection.

A super stable browser, what a thought.

Any people with money should contact my by email.

I'm afraid I have neither money, nor experience in writing very large programs, but I would be more than interested in helping with this.
Is there a chance for it to happen?

To limit the workload, we could begin by only parsing 100% correct XHTML 1.1 or 1.0 strict with limited CSS support and progressively add support for more things (like JavaScript).

Since Firefox has proven to be no more secure than IE, I think it would have a real chance. Who would not want to have a computer that is safe and cannot be (or at least not as easily) infected with spyware and other malicious things?

With automatic GC, an easy to use parser-generator (Gobo) and DBC, we could avoid a lot of the mistakes that plague programs written in C++.
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