Saturday, March 10, 2007


Slashdot mulls why DBC is not more popular

At, there's a discussion running about why DBC is not more popular. Leland McInnes writes:
Design by Contract, writing pre- and post-conditions on functions, seemed like straightforward common sense to me. Such conditions, in the form of executable code, not only provide more exacting API documentation, but also provide a test harness ... despite being available (to varying degrees of completeness) for many languages other than Eiffel ... the concept has never gained significant traction, particularly in comparison to unit testing frameworks (which DbC complements nicely), and hype like 'Extreme Programming'. So why did Design by Contract fail to take off?
No doubt some TeamEiffel readers will have valuable comments to post at Slashdot...


Just got aware of the thread by an email sent to me by a guy from our local PHP user group for which I did a presentation on DbC a week ago.

I added some comments, but in usual SlashDot fashion the comments with score 0 and 1 are the insightful and informative comments, while the 4 and 5's are the people who claim to know nothing about DbC, but still get voted up.

It's all about having the proper connections I suppose.
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