Friday, February 16, 2007


TOOLS Conferences are back

Long-time Eiffelists will recall the TOOLS Conferences of the 1990s - eclectic but serious software conferences with a strong Eiffel flavour.

The ascendancy of TOOLS occurred during the Object heyday of the early 1990s, when OOPSLA ruled the roost but was criticised by some for giving too much time and space to C++. This led to some memorable and intense flamewars between Eiffel and C++ luminaries, although these may have been lost to posterity as they been deleted from the Google Groups cache. The TOOLS conferences picked up some of the slack, catering for those who had strayed from the mainstream of OO.

Anyway ... TOOLS is back. The Conference Chair is (as many times previously) Bertrand Meyer, and the 45th conference in the series takes place at ETH in Zurich, Switzerland on 24-28 June 2007. The theme for TOOLS Europe 2007 is Objects, Models, Components, Patterns.

The call for papers specifies yesterday as the deadline for abstract submission, and says that this is "firm", but you could try your luck on submitting a paper because another page says that the deadline was going to be February 1 with "no extensions" which obviously didn't hold. There is still time to propose workshops and tutorials.


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