Saturday, December 02, 2006


Eweasel regression testing tool for ISE Eiffel

Emmanuel Stapf has announced the open-sourcing of the Eweasel regression testing tool for the ISE Eiffel compiler. It is now hosted at Origo together with EiffelStudio. Emmanuel writes:
We have been using eweasel for quite some time now and the rule at Eiffel Software is that when you change something in the compiler, you have to run all the tests to ensure that no regression occurs.
Any one who wants to modify the compiler, can now run the tests to ensure he is not breaking anything else.
The tests are evolving and we are adding a test each time we found a compiler bug. So if you find one, it would speed up its resolution by providing the corresponding eweasel test as part of the bug report.
The history of the tool is told at the Eweasel wiki page:
EiffelWeasel, also known as eweasel, is a tool originally written by David Hollenberg from MOSIS (a division of the University of Southern California's Information Sciences Institute) in the early 1990's when the first Eiffel 3 compiler was released.
The tool's goal was to ensure conformance of the ISE Eiffel compiler to the recently published specification and to detect any unforeseen regression from version to version. In 2006, USC agreed to open-source EiffelWeasel and it is now hosted as part of the EiffelStudio project repository.


Is this a good example of Test driven development? Seems like a very sustainable and smart route to take when developing software.
This is regression testing more than test driven... In test driven every single piece of code has a test for it written before the actual code. Compare:

Test driven is in some way a superset of regression testing, because bugfixes are also driven by tests and then regressions are avoided. However properties of a given feature are preserved in a test driven environment but may not be in a regression-test-only environment
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