Saturday, November 04, 2006


Eiffel Search Engine launched

I've implemented an Eiffel Search Engine that performs a Google search across hundreds of hand-picked Eiffel sites. It's made possible through the Google Co-op program.

The main Eiffel sites are included in their entirety, and I've also added lots of individual project sites as well as individual web pages that contain tutorials, critiques, blogs, reports etc. So why not try out the search, and bookmark it for use whenever you're looking for someting Eiffel-related?

If there's an Eiffel source I've missed, you can post a comment here or on the search page itself and I'll add it to the Eiffel Search Engine.

Well, I tried searching for gestalt, and found nothing.
But I guess that just means there aren't any general Eiffel sites mentioning it.
Colin, I've added the Gestalt project pages to the search engine and it now returns 15 results for a search on "gestalt" (plus an ad advising that gestalt is available from eBay).

I'm sure there are other Eiffel pages that are missing too, but over time it will become more complete. missing ?
Thanks, I've added
Very cool contribution Roger!

I'll have to allocate some time to play with it to ensure all of my precious resources are available.

Great job!
Joseph, I've added to the Eiffel Search Engine - if there are any other sites of relevance just let me know.
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