Wednesday, October 25, 2006


EiffelStudio 5.7 released

EiffelStudio 5.7.64493 (changelog) has been released as "EiffelStudio 5.7 Final".

Downloads are available for FreeBSD x86, Irix MIPS, Linux (PPC, Sparc, x86 32 bit, x86 64 bit), OpenBSD x86, Solaris (Sparc and x86, 32 and 64 bit), Windows (32 and 64 bit). There is also a PorterPackage that can be used to bootstrap EiffelStudio on other platforms.

Downloads will also be available from in a few days.


And now it's on

It looks like they haven't updated the screen shots yet.
They have now been updated.
I recommend that people download from origo rather than (just click the "Download" link in the above post) because the download site asks you to click "Accept" to a License Agreement that is different from and incompatible with the GPL.

Furthermore you are required to acknowledge that "this agreement is the complete and exclusive statement of agreement between the parties..." whereas in fact the GPL is the license that applies to GPL-licensed software.
It does not matter from where you download, the license stays the same. Where is it incompatible?
Emmanuel, if you download from origo you don't see anything except the references to the GPL and EFL2 within the source itself.

If you download from (at least for the Linux version) you need to click through a different agreement which misrepresents the GPL. For example it says You may use the EiffelStudio license provided to you at no charge as long as you are ready to release the application that you will develop under a GPL compatible Open Source license..

That's not true of course - if you distribute an application using the GPL version of EiffelStudio it would be against the terms of the GPL to distribute your application under say the LGPL even though the LGPL is "GPL compatible".

Another inconsistency: the click-through purports to allow you to "use EiffelStudio at no charge under the terms of the GPL", yet the GPL does not restrict the use of the covered work; just the distribution of derived works. Yet the click-through asks the user to confirm that the click-through terms are the only ones that apply!

The problem can be simply solved by removing the click-through.
I am looking forward to the OS X build. I'm afraid that I do not have the time to help with the port and/or build work myself these days.

Congrats on the release everyone!
EiffelStudio OS X builds are available, but I haven't tried them out yet myself.
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