Wednesday, September 20, 2006


$200 prize for someone familiar with gcc

Are you (even a little bit) familiar with the inner workings of gcc?

If so, the Visual Eiffel community would appreciate your help in making Visual Eiffel work with recent versions of gcc (4.x) under Linux. Currently, if you want to bootstrap Visual Eiffel you need to use gcc 2.95, although you don't need it just to run Visual Eiffel (or even to build Visual Eiffel if you are not bootstrapping the code generation part).

Eugene Melekhov wrote:
"the VE runtime at the moment can be compiled only by gcc 2.95 due to dependecy on gcc code generation - function prologue/epilogue, stack allocation etc."
I am offering a $200 prize to anyone who can remove the dependency on gcc 2.95 before the end of 2006.

The GCC 3.0 New Features page simply states "New x86 back-end, generating much improved code".
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