Wednesday, August 16, 2006


ESE news

(this is a copy of the mail sent to the SmartEiffel user list)

It begins to work!

A first tool already exists, which will be used to build other ESE tools - but you can use it too.

It is called ESEB (ESE Binder); it takes a DTD file and produces a bunch of classes that parse the corresponding XML files and build the corresponding tree.

I also wrote the ESE installer. It is quite rough still but uses the most recent SmartEiffel configuration handling which uses directories instead of a single plain file. This feature will also be very convenient for packagers (Debian and such).

Everything happens there:

Happy hacking,


This looks interesting Cyril.

At first glance, it doesnt appear to enforce CDATA requirements properly - not any old STRING will do, it must be valid XML string (e.g. in XML 1.1, ASCII NULLs are not allowed - even more restirctions in 1.0)
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