Monday, July 24, 2006


Which SmartEiffel release do you use?

Cyril Adrian (from the SmartEiffel team) is planning to package SmartEiffel and started an online poll to know which version of SmartEiffel people are using most.
I find this an interesting question, beyond the issue of packaging; Berend and I had a recent discussion about usage trends of SmartEiffel versions on #eiffel.

The poll is at

It is not my intention to package SmartEiffel. Each distro has someone who does that and I don't like to steal work from people (I have enough on my own anyway).

I just want to know if there are enough people that use 2.x, so that I can say to packagers "hey, we really need that 2.2 package because people install from our site instead of using a proper package".

OTOH maybe more people would use 2.x if it were packaged, and I should say to packagers "hey, we really need that 2.x package so that people can really start using it".

So maybe that poll is meaningless?

Oh. Well.
Distribution-specific packages of niche applications (such as SmartEiffel) seem to always lag behind.

If you are going to do a big "push", why not wait until 2.3 is out of beta (with its promised language stability). Much better to get that one into the distros, than a version that will soon break everyone's applications again.
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