Friday, July 28, 2006


Open Source Survey

Till G Bay, from ETH Zurich, has asked me to post this survey request on behalf of Professor Brian Fitzgerald. The survey explores the interaction between a "company" such as Eiffel Software (ISE) or, I suppose, Loria and an open source community (such as the community of ISE Eiffel or SmartEiffel users/developers).

The survey took me less than five minutes to complete. If you choose to supply your name and email address you are entered into the draw for a Nokia internet tablet.

Professor Fitzgerald writes:
Free/Libre/Open Source Software (FLOSS) has in many ways revolutionised software development. We have recently seen a new mode of outsourcing, what we term 'open-sourcing', whereby companies seek to grow a community of open source developers around what has typically (but not always) been a proprietary product previously. Both the company and the developer community have mutual expectations of each other, and if these are not fulfilled, the initiative may not be successful.
We have derived a set of expectations for successful open-sourcing and would like your feedback on these at

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