Monday, July 31, 2006


ECMA Eiffel 2nd Edition

A second edition of ECMA Eiffel, dated June 2006, has been published (PDF). It has been adopted by the General Assembly of ECMA as ECMA-367, and by ISO as ISO standard 25436.

From the document:
The First Edition was completed in April of 2005 and approved by the General Assembly of ECMA in June of 2005. As a result, authors of major Eiffel compilers and tools have committed to supporting the language as described in the Standard; compilers are quickly progressing towards full compliance. The present Second Edition introduces no major change of substance but clarifies and corrects a number of points arising from the experience of using the First Edition and from the feedback of compiler writers and the user community
To produce this Standard, TC39-TG4 conducted: 18 face-to-face meetings (15 up to the First Edition), most of them over three full days; numerous phone meetings; and extensive technical correspondence (about 1500 email messages by June 2006).
I cannot find any list of changes between the first and second editions.

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