Monday, July 31, 2006


Coffee: blessing or curse?

I could not sleep this night, for having swallowed way too much coffee last evening. So I coded instead.

My mind found the solution for simply integrating forthcoming SE extensions (esp. ESE) without having to re-parse and re-write SE's main config file.
Well, in fact, I did not invent the solution. Others did, Debian in particular.

The principle is to replace a simple configuration file with a configuration directory, with a priority system (of course, configuration files are still supported). I coded it all this night.

Now, SmartEiffel users will be able to:
And it will help distro package maintainers too. All I have left to do is to fix the installer to take that into account.

Eiffel is cool. SE 2.3 will be cooler yet :-)

Cyril, I think this is a good solution.

Fedora Core Linux uses this system in many places and it seems to work well.
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