Thursday, June 22, 2006


Why use Eiffel for web development?

Why use Eiffel for developing web applications? Let's answer that question by looking at what happens if you use PHP5 for example. The PRADO framework has a page on error handling:
Errors occur in a PRADO application may be classified into three categories: those caused by PHP script parsing, those caused by wrong code (such as calling an undefined function, setting an unknown property), and those caused by improper use of the Web application by client users (such as attempting to access restricted pages). PRADO is unable to deal with the first category of errors because they cannot be caughted in PHP code. PRADO provides an exception hierarchy to deal with the second and third categories.
When you use Eiffel, you immediately get rid of two categories of error: your stuff is compiled, not parsed. And errors like undefined functions and setting unknown properties are caught by the programmer, not by the user. Using Eiffel makes it possible to guarantee certain errors cannot occur. That is what strict typing and compiling is all about. Errors are caught before the user seems them. Eiffel is about a better user experience.

Yes, but most web development is done in some form of scripting language because compilers are too slow. ASP.NET compiles code but it makes web applications horribly slow on the initial compile and even on your first visit.

Eiffel compiling is even slower and Eiffel for ASP.NET is ridiculously slow.
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