Thursday, June 08, 2006


What's happening with the Eiffel Emacs mode

Martin Schwenke, the previous maintainer of the Emacs Eiffel mode has allowed me to take over the maintenance of eiffel.el. But it has been quiet on this front for a while. So what has happened?

First of all the eiffel.el and its version history has been uploaded to SourceForge. There have been a couple of commits, each fixing a known issue.

But I've hit a brick wall with supporting a very minor case:

class TEST


export {NONE} all end

After this the indentation didn't go back to the PARENT level, but stayed below export. Annoying. But to support this I decided I had to rewrite the current indentation support once again. And that didn't work properly, so I'm rewriting it again. It gets simpler every time :-)

Once this works well, and is confirmed by Colin Paul Adams, there will be a new release.

Great that there is new activity on that front! Berend, I remember that at some point there was talk of eiffel.el getting included in the main emacs distribution. I think that would make a big difference for many users as it simplifies installation quite significantly (on many linux boxes it would work just out of the box, were it part of GNU emacs). Are there still plans to push it into emacs once your rewrite stabilizes?

keep up the great work,
Yes, good point. Might do that. I think it's included in XEmacs, but getting it in Emacs should be a good idea as well.

I'm signed all the FSF papers, so this shouldn't be a problem.
Thanks alot!
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