Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Bay Area Friends of Eiffel meeting

The Bay Area Friends of Eiffel have issued an open invitation to their gathering this evening, for people with an interest in the Eiffel programming language.

The meeting takes place at AXA Rosenberg in Orinda, on Wednesday, June 28, starting at 6:30. Directions to the offices of AXA Rosenberg are here:

The meeting will be in building E, in the conference room near the lobby. As you approach building E from the parking lot, you'll see a large sliding glass door. This is the main entrance. If the main entrance is locked, you'll find a telephone in a box beside the door. You can dial extension 343 to get the attention of those in the meeting room.

There will be a surprise presentation followed by dinner, and Greg will tell his recently-refactored Eiffel joke "after imbibing".

Sorry Greg - I can't make it - I'm just about to go on honeymoon.
Congratulations Colin!

You're not marrying an Eiffelist too, are you?
She intends to learn.
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