Friday, May 12, 2006


Survey about the open-sourcing of EiffelStudio

Bernd Schoeller and Till G Bay are writing about the progress of the EiffelStudio project and have compiled a questionnaire. Till writes:
It would be great if you could complete it, so we can gain a comprehensive overview.
The results will be published on the project page. Thanks for participating!

Is this news? Are there any Eiffelists who haven't already received 5 million copies of the announcement?
I only got one copy.
Ah, now I see, Colin. Now I'm getting the announcement in the mailing lists (most of which I receive as a daily digest so there's sometimes a delay).

But anyway, this blog is a kind of "journal of record" of what's happening in the Eiffel world, so I'm still happy to have the announcement here.
I am 499,997 short of that.
That's because I rejected the attempt to post to the goanna-developers list, Grant.

Still, it's interesting to see that you have 4 1/2 million copies more than me :-)
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