Friday, May 05, 2006


Searching for Eiffel on Google

If you do a Google search for Eiffel, the top two results relate to the Eiffel Tower.

ISE's is at position three and the Wikipedia Eiffel article at position four. At position seven is the SmallEiffel (!) page, with Berend's Eiffel Cetus Links at position 10.

Further down the list we have Visual Eiffel at position 31, Eiffel for OS X at 36, the Eiffel Software Directory at 59 and NICE at 61.

But SmartEiffel is nowhere to be seen in the top 100 results. So if you have a webpage that still has a link to _Small_Eiffel, it's a few years out of date and it wouldn't hurt to change it to link to _Smart_Eiffel!

Today, Eiffel Software home is first.
I like to occasionally do an advanced search in Google Groups to see what others are saying about Eiffel. To do so, I enter the following search options
"with all the words" => Eiffel
Group => comp.*

without the words => comp.lang.eiffel
(I know there will be posts there)

Message Dates
Select "Return messages posted between" with a start date in the recent past, keeping the default end date.

Then click on the search button.

A search for the last week yields hits in, sci.math.symbolic, and a few others.

Some weeks are less depressing than others :-)
About smarteiffel. I am new to the scene, but the smarteiffel url is definitly found wanting. How about something like ?
Would you rather go to or Keep the syntax's the Eiffel way.
adamsits, is held by a domain name squatter.

To prevent the same thing happening to, I registered it and have offered several times to make it available.

I can understand why the SmartEiffel team choose to host the SmartEiffel pages within their organization. It doesn't put me off that a French-developed software product is hosted under a French domain name.
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