Thursday, May 11, 2006


Programming language search trends

Google has released a new tool to plot search trends for any high-traffic search term. You can even plot two or more search terms at once, to compare trends.

For example, here's eiffel vs. java. Oops, that's not a pretty picture! How about eiffel vs. ada? Hmm, more encouraging.

Eiffel vs. COBOL? That's better:

Changing the comparison to "eiffel -tower -paris, ada" provides a better picture. It largely smoothes out the bumps caused by Eiffel Tower related news events (compare "eiffel, eiffel -tower -paris") suggesting that a significant fraction of the those searches are computer related. Unfortunately, the resulting comparisons with Ada and COBOL are less flattering.
Yes, "Eiffel" picks up the tower, but "Java" finds hits for Indonesia and Ada finds non-programming stuff too.
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