Tuesday, May 23, 2006


EiffelStudio's XML configuration mechanism

Further to the previous post, the filename suffix for EiffelStudio's new XML configuration files has been changed from .acex to .ecf (menmonic: Eiffel Configuration File). This change will help those using operating systems that work best with filename suffixes that do not exceed three characters.

Some examples of the Configuration File Format are online, as are other pages about EiffelStudio Configuration. These pages are primarily written for EiffelStudio developers.

The new mechanism is live in recent development versions of EiffelStudio 5.7.

Apart from WHY they've done it at all, I'm wondering why they've written a W3C XML Schema for it, rather than the much easier to read, and much soubder, RELAX NG format.

Do they have an Eiffel validator for such schemas, and not telling us about it?
Eh, operating systems with a three character extension limit? They don't exist any longer.
I suspect EiffelStudio on Windows uses the old MS-DOS 8.3 short form -- internally, at least some of the time -- to ensure that it doesn't run into problems with spaces embedded in file names, etc. Using the 3-character .ecf extension rather than the 4-character .acex probably makes life easier for them.

Anyway, .ecf (Eiffel Config File) makes more sense, I think.
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