Monday, May 15, 2006


Command completion for SmartEiffel bashers

SmartEiffel users who work in the bash shell (probably most Linux, Unix and Cygwin users) can now have command completion for SmartEiffel.

Command completion makes it faster to enter command-line options and arguments (including class names) by enabling autocompletion for these items in the context of the 'se' command. If you're familiar with using the 'tab' key to auto-complete filenames, then you will find that this works the same way.

This facility will be part of the SmartEiffel 2.3 release, or you can just get misc/eiffel.bash from the version control repository and 'source' it.

The SE team is still discussing some improvements to make on this script, so the SVN version will be changing and unstable for a few days...
I regard SVN files as potentially changing and unstable at ANY time, but this file can be used with no risk of messing up other things.
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