Saturday, April 22, 2006


Update to se_lcc_libraries-1.2r7.msi

Unfortunately the elj-win with libraries installation had incorrect Gobo libraries. They were installed for SmartEiffel 2.2 instead of SmartEiffel 1.2 (don't you love #ifdef too?).

A corrected version is now available.

Or manually correct the older release with the following commands:

cd %GOBO%\library
geant clobber
geant install

This looks crazy - the file refers to drive M. I only have C and D!
So I edit the file (the directories were wrong too!).

but now, if I try to compile I get:

compiler error in d:\lcc\mc63\encode.c -- assertion failure at line 532
That m: drive is probably me :-) Thanks for the pointer, I'll have to fix that as well.

What do you try to compile?

I also found that lcc has trouble copying with complexer systems.
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