Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Top queries at eiffelzone.com during March 2006

Usual disclaimer: limited sample size, only reflects successful search engine queries that landed at eiffelzone.com, not all searchers were seeking Eiffel content:
  1. lua
  2. webshort
  3. gote
  4. ewg
  5. kinds of automata
  6. hotbabe
  7. goanna
  8. wxeiffel
  9. eiffel software
  10. eiffelzone
  11. bison
  12. empathy
  13. numeric
  14. smarteiffel
  15. eiffel zone
  16. fenestra
  17. lohan
  18. matisse
  19. eiffel gui
  20. eiffel database
In many ways, the top 20 search queries are not the most interesting: the breadth of queries at the bottom of the list is quite revealing. So I've put the webserver statistics on the web where you can browse them at your leisure: http://eiffelzone.com/usage/

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