Tuesday, April 18, 2006


New eposix beta 2.3.2

There's a new eposix beta available for download. This should be the final beta before the next release.

Main new things in this beta are HTTP Server enhancements: support for persistent connections and chunked transfer encoding support. The list of changes:

New in 2.3.2 beta - 2006-04-14
* ./configure changes
- Gobo Eiffel Compiler support added. Use --with-compiler=gec.
- multi-threading support: Use --enable-threads.
- now supports persistent connections.
- make: does not start listening anymore! Call listen_locally or
- send_file: when serving a file it now includes an ETag
- add_file_expires_date: new feature that adds an Expires header for
image files in order to improve performance with IE. Without this
IE will retrieve reused images on a page multiple times.
- support for chunked Transfer-Encoding.
- parse_body: does not take an argument anymore. Determining length
of message body is now entirely based on the previously parsed
- seek_XXXX features didn't reset eof, should always be False after
a seek.
- now accepts all directories and will recursive to any
depth. Filenames must still match the filter though.
- forth: when an extension filter was set, and recursive browsing
was specified, directories were not recursived because they did
not match the extension filter. Introduced the option
validate_directory in ABSTRACT_PATH_FILTER to give a filter the
option to accept directories, and not include them in the filter.
- browse_directory: now returns an EPX_DIRECTORY.
- class equal to ABSTRACT_DIRECTORY. Use this instead of
ABSTRACT_DIRECTORY as ABSTRACT_XXXX classes should not be used
directly by the client.
- class has become obsolete.

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