Wednesday, April 05, 2006


More about open source EiffelStudio

The Eiffel landscape has changed forever, following this morning's announcement that EiffelStudio has moved to a dual-licensing model. ISE says:
Eiffel Software's Dual Licensing model is based on the principle of fair exchange. Users who write commercial proprietary software must purchase the corresponding licenses and may freely choose how to distribute their software. Users who donate their source code to the Open Source community can use the Open Source version and must distribute their software under the same license.
A quick browse of the sources shows that the compiler and C runtime are licensed under the GPL v2 whilst the Eiffel libraries (kernel and application) are licensed under the GPL-compatible Eiffel Forum License v2.

Here are some links of interest:

I wonder what will happen to Gobo-Eiffel compiler now... if its goal was to provide a Libre compatible alternative to the ISE compiler, there is no need for it now...

Unless I misunderstood the goals of GEC. I would love to hear Eric Bezault's opinion on this
To be honest, I was one of the privileged people who have been informed some months ago by ISE of their intent to go open source. So this announce is not a surprise for me and changes nothing with respect to gec. gec is not just an open source alternative to ISE, it also provides a compilation technique alternatives. ISE favors incremental compilation, gec favors fast non-incremental compilation with faster generated executables. So in a sense gec is more a competitor of SmartEiffel than of ISE. In fact, we could even imagine gec being used within ISE's EiffelStudio for their finalized mode.
To put it blunt, ISE isn't exactly an optimising compiler. SmartEiffel showed you could do far more.
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