Wednesday, April 05, 2006


EiffelStudio goes open

Hi all, this is my first post on this blog. As a start here are a couple of pictures from the ETH lecture room F3 from this morning:
have fun,

It's a great news. Now we need a EiffelStudio plug-in into Eclipse!!!.
Wow, lucky they didn't announce this on April 1st or we wouldn't have believed it!
Actually, I think that would have been quite funny. It's an April's fool joke, because it isn't. Now that would have been new (;
andreas: you mean like when google said "hey, we will give away 1GB email acounts" on April 1st and nobody believed them?
Andreas, it would be great to know the motivations behind this move. Did Bertrand give details about that at the lecture?
Andreas, what does the writing say on the second photo? I presume it's something like "Warning: once this button is pressed there's no going back!"
Daniel (ad google): really? I didn't know it happened that way. That's way cool!

Daniel (ad motivations): Sorry, I don't really know.

Roger (ad Warning): Yes, that's almost what was there. The exact words were "WARNING; You are about to release EiffelStudio to the public community. This step cannot be undone! Please confirm by pressing the button below:"
Have a look at this page to get the original content, including the follow-up page. :-)
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