Tuesday, March 07, 2006


When your Dad is an Eiffelist...

When your Dad is an Eiffelist, and you have a Science Project to do, it's just possible that you will end up using Eiffel for it.

That's what happened to Talia Lester, who undertook a science project using simulation to answer the question "How Many Kermode Bears will there be in 300 years with a certain starting population?".

To answer this question, Talia used Eiffel and created a program to simulate Kermode bear populations, which she submitted to the 2003 Eiffel Struggle competition.

So has the world gained another Eiffel programmer? I don't think so. Neal Lester writes: "my daughter doesn't care much about anything she did back in middle school [but] she did learn she doesn't want to be a computer programmer..."

That's 2003, not 1993. I judged this entry and shamefully smeared it writing in my comments, "This is a serious competition, don't submit your homework assignments!" Thankfully Berend reviews the comments before finishing the competition. He replied to me saying that it actually was a young person's homework assignment, and Berend had encouraged this person to submit it! I left the scores the same, but humbly changed my comments to be less harsh.
I've fixed the date, thanks Brian. I think it's quite reasonable for homework assignments to be entered into the Eiffel Struggle, although I'd be surprised if one was to win it!
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