Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Top queries at during February 2006

Usual disclaimer: limited sample size, only reflects successful search engine queries that landed at, not all searchers were seeking Eiffel content.
  1. lua
  2. webshort
  3. hotbabe
  4. kermode
  5. eiffel software
  6. market analysis system
  7. gote
  8. mandolin
  9. swirl screensaver
  10. black tree
  11. keywords
  12. digichip
  13. hipnotik
  14. rubik's software
  15. smarteiffel
  16. symbols
  17. x-plain
  18. basic data structures
  19. bison
  20. conjunctive normal form converter

I am quite curious not just about the ranking, but also the hit counts for each search; would it be possible to publish them?
Hi trixx,

I'll publish the complete stats for March, for you and anyone else who is interested in seeing them.
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