Monday, March 27, 2006


Brian Heilig releases Serial Communications Library

Brian Heilig has announced the inital release of the Serial Communications Library secom, which aims to provide a library of object-oriented components for portable serial port applications.

The major goals of secom are to:
Secom requires Gobo 3.4 and compiles with SmartEiffel 1.0, SmartEiffel 2.2 beta 1, and ISE Eiffel version 5.5 and later. Visual Eiffel is not supported.

Secom has been tested on Windows (XP) and Linux (Fedora Core 4) but is likely to work on other Windows and Posix operating systems. Brian would appreciate your help by testing this package on other platforms and providing any feedback. You will need a loopback device (DB9 connector with pins 2 and 3 connected) connected to a serial port. You can test the package by executing the following command in the test directory:

   geant -Ddevice=your_device test_all

The release of secom obsoletes Brian's earlier package "WEL Serial Communications".

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