Saturday, March 18, 2006


BAFOEiffel meeting for March 22nd

This is an open invitation to a gathering of the Bay Area Friends of Eiffel, for people with an interest in the Eiffel programming language.

The meeting will take place at AXA Rosenberg in Orinda, on Wednesday, March 22. The meeting will start at 6:30.

Directions to the offices of AXA Rosenberg are here:

The meeting will be in building E, in the conference room near the lobby. As you approach building E from the parking lot, you'll see a large sliding glass door. This is the main entrance. If the main entrance is locked, you'll find a telephone in a box beside the door. You can dial extension 343 to get the attention of those in the meeting room.


Recent Announcements:

Roger Browne has started the Team Eiffel group blog. Eiffel bloggers are welcome to join, and all Eiffelists are encouraged to drop by:

Roger has also released version 0.4.2 of Amber, his Eiffel-inspired scripting language:

Andreas Leitner announced the release of Autotest 1.1.0:

Andreas has also released a new version of EWG, the Eiffel Wrapper-Generator

Paolo Radaelli announced a project to publish wrappers for popular libraries:

Daniel F Moisset has released V 1.2r6 of SmartEiffel transitional. This project is a fork of the SmartEiffel project, maintaining source code compatibility with an older version of the compiler while adding extensions that are appearing in the main branch, fixing bugs, and adding other improvements to the underlying implementation.


Neal Lester will give a presentation on the many additions he's made to the Goanna Web Server.


In late 2005, BAFOEiffel discussed writing an introduction to Eiffel. I've made some progress on this, and will be giving the group an update. I should note that Colin Adams has also been working on an introduction, and Julian Rogers is planning to publish a book about the Eiffel Vision 2 library as well.

Request for Presentations for future meetings.

Other news people would like to share.


I like to go out for dinner after the meeting, where I tell my Eiffel joke. I've recently refactored the joke to improve punchline delivery and to leverage popular culture.

For further information, contact Greg C gmc444 at

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