Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Another Eiffel wedding

Two more Eiffelists are getting married - Eric Bezault and Karine Arnout are "tying the knot" in Saint-Quay-Portrieux (Brittany, France) on 27 May 2006.
Eric is widely known in Eiffel circles for his Gobo package. He has also worked with Eiffel at ISE and in industry. Eric represented his employer AXA-Rosenberg on the technical committee whose work led to the ECMA Eiffel specification.

Karine, too, has worked at ISE and was on the ECMA Eiffel committee. She is a post-doctoral research assistant at ETH Zurich, where her research interests include the componentization of design patterns, and automatic contract-based testing.

I'm sure all Eiffelists will join with me in wishing Eric and Karine all the best for their upcoming wedding.

In fact Karine finished her post-doc last year and has been working at AXA Rosenberg since then.
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