Wednesday, February 08, 2006


The wit and wisdom of Bertrand Meyer

Bertrand Meyer is a witty and clever guy, although his style can be so dry that people sometimes take it the wrong way. I intend to collect some examples of his wit to post here.

I'll start with an example from an exchange in the comp.lang.eiffel newsgroup during the early 1990s. The thread is no longer on Google Groups, so I'm recalling it as best I can.

Bertrand posted an announcement of an upcoming event, the Eleventh International Eiffel Users' Conference.

An Eiffel hobbyist posted a follow-up message saying that he hadn't realised until now that Eiffel had enough serious users to support an international conference.

Quick as a flash Bertrand posted a reply confirming that the use of Eiffel was indeed growing. Whereas last year there were only ten Eiffel users, this year Eiffel had gained an additional user and as a result of this the Eleventh International Eiffel User's Conference was being held.

Dry? I think this is funny.
Face-to-face he occasionally drops a pun too.

I still think I'm the funniest guy in the Eiffel community though. ;)
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