Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Eiffel and emacs

There's a free programmers' editor called emacs. It's incredibly powerful, highly customizable and infinitely extensible. It's also a bit quirky in ways that are "better but different".

Berend de Boer is a confirmed emacs user. As he says...
why not use a single editor that allows you to edit everything under the sun, that you will be able to use with every language? Why not become proficient in a single editor, learn to master it and use it for the rest of your life? There's only one editor that truly does everything, and that editor is Emacs
Eiffel support is available for emacs in the form of an "eiffel mode" - a file containing customizations written in a variant of Lisp. With the eiffel mode activated, you can do syntax highlighting, auto-completion of Eiffel identifiers, etc.

Berend's article Editing Eiffel code with Emacs talks you through the installation and configuration of this incredible editor.

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