Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Announcing "Amber for Parrot 0.4.2 (Argument)"

I have released "Amber for Parrot" version 0.4.2 (Argument):

Downloads: http://xamber.org/download.html
Release history: http://xamber.org/history.html
Project home page: http://xamber.org/index.html

"Amber for Parrot" is an Eiffel-like scripting language for the Parrot
Virtual Machine.

Changes since version 0.4.0:

- Argument count mismatches are now detected (by Parrot) and an exception is thrown

- The argument-count-mismatch test case is now activated

- Fixed some argument count mismatches in the kernel library

- Unfortunately, two of the examples are broken ('regexp'
issues some warnings, and 'amber-square' raises an exception).
I'm not sure yet if these bugs are on the Amber side or Parrot

- Estimated progress towards release 1.0: language constructs 47%,
libraries 6%, documentation 4%, robustness 6%

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