Wednesday, January 18, 2006


e-POSIX 2.3 beta released

Berend de Boer has released version 2.3 beta of eposix, the complete Eiffel to standard C and POSIX binding. In an announcement to the eposix mailing list he wrote:

Not too many changes, no significant new functionality. Mainly a few bug fixes and support to compile the eposix lib for ISE Eiffel on Windows with Microsoft Visual C: multi-threading option is now turned on by default.

New in 2.3 beta - 2006-01-17

I see I'm down as one of the contributors to the site.

Since I haven't contributed anything yet, I thought, rather than make a liar out of Roger, I'd say:

What do you mean, no new significant functionality Berend?!!?
What about the ftp and http URI resolvers for XML processing?

Oh, I see - you mean no new significant functionality from Berend de Boer!

Colin Adams
Heh :-)
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