Friday, January 06, 2006


December's top queries at

Usual disclaimer: limited sample size, only reflects successful searches reaching, etc.
  1. lua
  2. webshort
  3. hipnotic
  4. hotbabe
  5. gote
  6. hotbabe chess
  7. smarteiffel
  8. digichip
  9. eiffel ide
  10. eiffelzone
  11. kniffel
  12. pushdown automata simulator
  13. swirl screensaver
  14. symbols
  15. wxeiffel
  16. black tree
  17. board game framework
  18. eiffel code
  19. eiffel compiler

The software digichip is no longer available. This looks like an excellent piece of software that I would LOVE to use.

zajaco2 _AT_
You can still download the original software from here:
but it's from 1999 and I'm sure it won't compile with modern compilers.

It would be great if someone proficient in Eiffel would bring it up to date.
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