Saturday, April 01, 2006


GEC produces fast executables

I have just tried compiling gexslt with gec. Even though gec does not currently attempt optimization, the resultant executable was about twice as fast as when compiled with SE 1.2r6.

Even allowing for the fact that gec currently does not do garbage collection, this is very impressive.

That's impressive, Colin.

How do the compile times compare?
SE is slightly faster (5-10%)
When the generated C code will be optimized, gec (compiled with itself) will be faster as well. For example it is faster to compile the code of gec with gec compiled with SE 1.0 than with gec compiled with gec itself.

Also I have a couple of ideas to try in order to improve the compilation time when compiling applications containing huge dynamic type sets (polymorphic calls) as it is the case with the code of gexslt.
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