Saturday, March 11, 2006


Goanna is alive and well

I frequently get enquiries about Goanna - the Eiffel Web Services Library. There has not been a release for several years. Is it dead?

Well, it's alive and well. The CVS version has changed greatly since the last release. We hope to release 1.0 in the not very distant future, with support for all Gobo/eposix-supported compilers (although XML-RPC and a few other bits will not be supported on VE, until it supports agents).

What will be in 1.0?

Pure Eiffel servlets, which can connect to a web server via CGI or FastCGI (preferred), or can use the Goanna stand-alone web server (new team member Grant Rettke is working on this).

Pure Eiffel XML-RPC clients and servers.

An advanced XHTML publishing framework based on XSLT and RELAX NG technologies (the latter requires an external validator - volunteer wanted for a pure Eiffel implementation of RELAX NG).

Demonstration XSLT servlet - an exercise in how NOT to secure your web server :-). If I get round to it, I might add the necessary code to show you how to use this in a secure fashion.

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